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Abiding Savior, a friendly and welcoming community, celebrates God's presence with us as we serve and share the good news of Jesus Christ with others.

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Summer Worship Schedule

Sunday Morning

9:00 am  Worship Service with Holy Communion

Monday Evening

6:30 pm  Informal Worship Service with Holy Communion

A Note from Pastor Mike

Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.   Matthew 11:28

How seriously do we really take Jesus’ invitation to rest? As much as we talk about God’s grace, as much as we emphasize it in teaching and preaching, as much as it’s a central theological hallmark to our Lutheran faith tradition I’m pretty certain on that on a practical level, we don’t trust in it at all. Inadvertently, through the best of intentions, we turn our faith into one more endless endeavor to make sure that we are always concerned with making sure that we–and everyone else around us–are all doing the exact right things. When blended into our 21st century cultural addiction to elevated status through busyness we have a perfect recipe for wildly missing the heart of our faith tradition. Jesus loves the poor, the oppressed, the diseased, the blind, lame, the prostitute, the tax collector, and the marginalized. He shares God’s love and mercy with abandon—so much so that it offends us. We look to him as our example for life, and all of those things that he does are wonderful things, but they not the most important part of the Christian life. The most important part of the Christian life is first to realize that there is nothing that we can do to become acceptable to God, we are already acceptable to God because we are children of God. We are graced into life, we are not threatened into life. Our best attempts to live like Christ are usually nothing more than ego driven enterprises that involve Babel-like falls to the earth.

All of the beautiful ministry Jesus engages in flows from his clear-eyed knowledge, that all humanity is already one. He does not engage in his work because of any sort of value judgement about good or bad.  All he knows is that the lack of freedom and life experienced by one person becomes the chains that bind all people. Whatever binds our brothers and sisters binds us, too. The only way that we can develop such vision is by being attuned to the things in our hearts and lives that demand our own blindness in seeing the world as Christ sees it. Blessedly, this only ever happens not by our will to take Christ on his offer of rest, it happens by our stubborn belief in ourselves, and our chaotic infatuation with our own egos until we fail and we fall into the arms of God’s mercy and learn of it for ourselves.

My prayer for you all this summer is that you discover the peace that comes through true resting in God–in trusting that your effort to be a good Christian is not what God desires from you at all because the road to “doing enough” is always a path to the glorification of the self rather than the glorification of God. God’s desire is that you trust in God’s endless grace and from that place engage God’s creation with an open heart. Such a life is a life in which you will know rest for your souls.

Peace and blessings,

Pastor Mike

Abiding Savior News
Start Collecting Items for Lutheran World Relief!

The Women of Abiding Savior (WELCA) will be holding their annual collection for school and baby care kits starting in August and September. However, school supplies will be going on sale in July, so it's not too early to start gathering items for these kits!

Lists for needed items will be included in the upcoming Tidings, so make sure you take these lists with you on future shopping trips this summer! Families around the world will appreciate your generosity!


We invite everyone who has some time and likes to sew or pin or cut, to come and join us on any Wednesday from 9:00 am to Noon!!  We’ll be glad to see you!

The Quilters are always happy to receive donations and they would be most happy if you would give them any old/extra blankets or mattress pads, old bedspreads, fabric pieces, curtains and draperies. Everything is used!


In November 2004, Abiding Savior  became an Ambassador for the Mt.Meru Coffee Project and began by selling coffee every month.  This ongoing project was established here in the Greater Milwaukee Synod in order to offer a fair price to the coffee farmers of the Diocese of Meru in Tanzania.   HOWEVER, THE MT. MERU COFFEE PROJECT IS MORE THAN ABOUT COFFEE...IT IS ABOUT DOING JUSTICE, CHANGING LIFE AND BRINGING HOPE!

The objective of the Project is to bring both economic and social justice to the small farmers and people of the Meru region.  The Project attempts to bring economic justice by paying the small farmers a fair price for their coffee and to bring social justice by funding educational and health care programs to the Meru region.  By receiving a fair price, the farmers are able to maintain their dignity by giving them the means to earn a living, which is more sustainable than receiving charity.

As a justice-based project, it is essential that the Project be sustainable – the Project must be able to purchase coffee from the farmers year after year.  The Mt. Meru Coffee Project is not a “project of the month” or a “project of the year.”  It is a project for life...for the life of the farmer and the life of the congregation selling coffee.  Once it is started, it is essential that it be sustained or the people we are trying to help will fall back into the hole of injustice and poverty.

Buying Mt. Meru coffee is one simple way that we, as Christians, can do justice in our daily lives and make a difference in the lives of the Meru Diocese.  Mt. Meru Coffee may cost more than super market coffee, BUT it is a high quality coffee, and paying a premium is part of pursuing and achieving justice.

The people of the Meru Diocese have a wonderful faith—a faith in a risen and living Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Because of the Mt. Meru Coffee Project, and the amount of coffee that the Project will buy, the farmers have hope for themselves and their families.  They have hope that with a better income, their children can go to school, they can receive better healthcare, and they can improve their living conditions.

When you think about the Mt. Meru Coffee Project, think about more than a cup of coffee;.  Think about the hope that the Project brings.  The Mt. Meru Ambassadors are selling hope, not coffee.