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8:00 am - Traditions Worship with Holy Communion

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A Note from Pastor Mike

As our newsletter is published every two months it means that often, it overlaps multiple important seasons of the church year. From now until the next time I write my note to you all, we’ll move through these three seasons:

• Christmas
• Epiphany/Time After Epiphany
• Lent

They do represent a usual march of time that we are familiar with in the church, a way of orienting our focus and shuttling us through the year. But, their value is not that they serve as markers of time. Their value is that they are markers of the experience we have in being transformed by the content of our faith tradition (and maybe even of life?). Another way to talk about the progression of Christmas–Epiphany/Time After Epiphany–Lent might be this:

Christmas: Being Exposed to a Fresh Idea
Epiphany/Time After Epiphany: Discovering the Implications of that Fresh Idea
Lent: Seeing All Life through the Fresh Idea and then Shifting our Point of View on Life.

Our church seasons move us through the time of the calendar year, but they also give us a framework for moving through our experience of life as framed by what is most important in our faith tradition. If we will accept that, it then follows that we never stop being formed and re-formed in life and in faith. To our great personal detriment, the ethical detriment of the world, and the detriment of Christianity, we too often view faith in static, dualistic terms when the reality is quite the opposite–we are always growing into new ways of being people of faith and faithful people. We are always moving through the experience of life, death, and resurrection.

The shallowest forms of faith and religion are always those that focus on creating hierarchies of insiders and outsiders, good guys and bad guys, righteous or unrighteous, saint or sinner. Fortunately, our tradition can accomplish that if we are courageous enough to trust that the God we profess our faith in is big enough to hold (and make use of) contradictions in the world that are frightening and that we do not understand. My greatest hope for you is that you remain ever-open to the transforming power of faith in order that you might be moved to new experiences and new expressions of it. There is nothing static about life, there is nothing static about Christianity, there is nothing static about the Christian faith. If we believe that there is, then perhaps it is time to lean in and be scandalized by the gospel once again.

All good and peace to you,
Pastor Mike

Abiding Savior News

We invite everyone who has some time and likes to sew or pin or cut, to come and join us on any Wednesday from 9:00 am to Noon!!  We’ll be glad to see you!

The Quilters are always happy to receive donations and they would be most happy if you would give them any old/extra blankets or mattress pads, old bedspreads, fabric pieces, curtains and draperies. Everything is used!


In November 2004, Abiding Savior  became an Ambassador for the Mt.Meru Coffee Project and began by selling coffee every month.  This ongoing project was established here in the Greater Milwaukee Synod in order to offer a fair price to the coffee farmers of the Diocese of Meru in Tanzania.   HOWEVER, THE MT. MERU COFFEE PROJECT IS MORE THAN ABOUT COFFEE...IT IS ABOUT DOING JUSTICE, CHANGING LIFE AND BRINGING HOPE!

The objective of the Project is to bring both economic and social justice to the small farmers and people of the Meru region.  The Project attempts to bring economic justice by paying the small farmers a fair price for their coffee and to bring social justice by funding educational and health care programs to the Meru region.  By receiving a fair price, the farmers are able to maintain their dignity by giving them the means to earn a living, which is more sustainable than receiving charity.

As a justice-based project, it is essential that the Project be sustainable – the Project must be able to purchase coffee from the farmers year after year.  The Mt. Meru Coffee Project is not a “project of the month” or a “project of the year.”  It is a project for life...for the life of the farmer and the life of the congregation selling coffee.  Once it is started, it is essential that it be sustained or the people we are trying to help will fall back into the hole of injustice and poverty.

Buying Mt. Meru coffee is one simple way that we, as Christians, can do justice in our daily lives and make a difference in the lives of the Meru Diocese.  Mt. Meru Coffee may cost more than super market coffee, BUT it is a high quality coffee, and paying a premium is part of pursuing and achieving justice.

The people of the Meru Diocese have a wonderful faith—a faith in a risen and living Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Because of the Mt. Meru Coffee Project, and the amount of coffee that the Project will buy, the farmers have hope for themselves and their families.  They have hope that with a better income, their children can go to school, they can receive better healthcare, and they can improve their living conditions.

When you think about the Mt. Meru Coffee Project, think about more than a cup of coffee;.  Think about the hope that the Project brings.  The Mt. Meru Ambassadors are selling hope, not coffee.